How to Take Better Pictures with ANY Camera

Summer is practically here, are you camera ready to capture your summer 2013? Whether it be a day at the park, a family road trip, camping on the lake or travel overseas, learn tips and tricks from a pro and gain basic camera skills to take better pictures today without having to be a technical guru!

Available workshop dates:

Saturday June 8th, 10am – 1pm

Sunday June 23rd, 1:30pm – 4:30pm

Thursday June 27th, 10am – 1pm

Thursday July 11th, 10am – 1pm

Saturday July 20th, 10am – 1pm

Photography Workshops

Photography Workshops

Photography Workshops

This workshop is for the beginner with any digital camera who wants to learn how to take better picutres using common shooting modes and gain tips and tricks from a pro.

Topics Include:

•Scene modes – what are they and when to use them
•Basic composition and using light to your advantage
•We will go through different scenarios and learn the approach for getting that better photo
ADDED BONUS!  Once you have captured great images, using what you’ve learned in this workshop, then what? Don’t forget about your summer by letting your images sit on your computer’s hard drive or worse yet, the compact flash card. We’ll cover the basics of backing up your images, preparing them for print and also, go over some inspirational ideas for displaying your photos and creative ways to tell the story of your summer.
For this workshop you will need:
•Your digital camera
•Charged batteries, you will be doing exercies to practice what we went over in class
•Note pad and something to write with to take notes

Workshops are kept small and held at our studio located in Seattle’s Georgetown area.

Photo Elan building location in Georgetown Seattle Washington









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What former workshop attendees are saying:


Not only does Photo Elan provide wedding photography, they also offer excellent classes on digital photography.  My husband and I bought a Living Social deal for a Basic Digital Photography class and took it together last month.  We had just purchased a new camera and didn’t have the time to sift through books and websites to figure out how to get the most from our new toy.

Brian led the class (which began a few days ahead with a quick bit of homework – SO nice, because it kept everyone from having to wait while he ran around helping people find the basic functions on their personal camera).  We both found the class to be very informative.  Brian is funny, engaging, and explains things very clearly.  He provides excellent examples, and the class included time to go try out the skills we were learning.  We are already taking MUCH better photos – it’s so easy!  I’m tempted to sign either my husband or myself up for the intermediate course next.  Definitely a great value, even without a Living Social or Groupon deal.  Brian has also added a class on I Phone photography, which I would take were I not devoted to my Andriod. – Kristen D.




Oh so brilliant and phenomenal! To me, Photo Elan offers quality that is many worlds apart compared to many other average photographers whom I have come across. Photo Elan is a hidden gem and one of the best kept secrets. Brian and Jennifer are one of the best wedding photographers in the Northwest. They took outstanding photos of my engagement and wedding. My husband and I were extremely pleased with the final products. I feel that their images have the quality and style that are ahead of time compared to many other wedding photographers out there. To me, many of their photos often convey a sweet meaning and I like this. I do not like photographers to just take random pictures to fulfill a quota. The photos show that they put a lot of thought into the process. I believe Brian and Jennifer have raised the bar as to what to expect from professional wedding photographers. They are forward-thinkers and ahead of the game.

I had interviewed many countless photographers. They all appeared to have a repetitive and similar style, except for Photo Elan. I was impressed when I met with Brian and Jennifer at their house to look over their portfolio. I thought the pictures I saw in person with them were far more better than the photos on their website and on Yelp. Their photos were not only exceptionally beautiful and breathtaking, Brian and Jennifer also appeared to have a very unique, elegant and refined style in photography.

Brian did my engagement photo shoot. He was fun and pleasant to work with. My husband and I were pleasantly surprised as to how polite and friendly he was. Brian made the process so easy and stress-free. Initially, I was a little camera shy. After 5 minutes, I was at ease and I thoroughly enjoyed the entire photo shoot. Brian knew all the best angles to capture. He could make you look amazing even if you blinked or closed your eyes. He could make you look flattering even if the wind blew your hair in all directions. He could make you look stunning even if you wore T-shirt and jeans. When we got our photos back, my husband and I were blown away as to how the photos turned out. They were exceedingly stunning, beautiful and unique.

Brian and Jennifer did our wedding photography. The quality turned out to be just as impressive or even more so on many of the images. Brian and Jennifer captured so many heartfelt moments and made them so beautiful. They were so polite, discreet and unintrusive. My husband and I barely noticed their presence half of the times during the wedding. Interacting with them was one of the many best moments during our wedding. At first, my husband didn’t care for so many beautiful photos until the wedding quickly went by. After that, he told me he was so glad that Photo Elan was there for the numer of hours I paid them for.

Because of them, we were able to have so many beautiful photos to reminisce of our wedding. After the wedding was over and everything got put away, these photos were all that we had left of our wedding. The photos brought us back to those beautiful and happy memories of our wedding every time we looked at them.

We were extremely glad that we had chosen Photo Elan. Brian and Jennifer did a fantastic job. I would highly endorse and recommend them without any reservations. You would be so fortunate to have Brian and Jennifer photograph your engagement and wedding. Beautiful moments could not be captured unless you have a talented photographers such as Brian or Jennifer.

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